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Atleast 14 people killed in Libya violence


After the uprising in Egypt, there is another uprising in another African country of Libya in which at least 14 people have been reportedly killed. In order to curb the uprising, Libyan troops used snipers to shoot and there were the use of helicopters gunship against the protesters.The anti-regime protests have been going on for a week and it is believed that the death toll have reached to at least 100 people.

The protest is against the rule of Col Gadaffi who has been ruling Libya for the past 42 years and is also the world’s longest serving ruler. Yesterday, at the city of Benghazi, there was a funeral for the protesters. The mourners who were heading for the funeral attacked a military barracks on the way to the cemetry. The Libyan troops then responded by firing at them and then at least 14 people were killed and many were injured.

It is reported that troops were attacked with 14.5 mm machine guns. Many of the people who were injured were shot in the head and chest.One person who was killed was struck by an aircraft missiles.

Social networks like Facebook and other Tv networks like Al-Jazeera have been banned. Foreign journalists are also not allowed to enter in Libya. International calls out of the country is also barred for the time being.


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