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Chile Earthquake Pictures, Photos & Images


Chile, Taiwan, Haiti, and Japan have been hit by earthquakes last week, with major earthquake of 7.0 in Haiti. Today Chile is again hit by another earthquake some 4 hours ago with a magnitude of 5.7. Chile has been hit by many earthquakes in the past month as well as in this month and you can find some pictures of the Chile Earthquake below.

Chile Earthquake Pictures Photos Images:





Full Picture report on the Chile Earthquake can be found HERE

More updates on the earthquake will be posted soon.


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  • Scott Thomas
    Mar 06, 2010 at 09:00:am

    I hope Chile will be able to recover quickly and the death toll doesn’t rise to high I can’t believe, another huge earthquake we need to pray for everyone.
    You can send help, aide through any of your favorite charities find info on
    Donations of clean water, food, clothing and temp shelters. We can make a difference!
    we will !

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