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Court martial against Lt Gen Prakash


Deepak Kapoor, the Army Chief of India has ordered court martial against Lt. Gen Avadhesh Prakash, the former Military Secretary of India regarding the Sukhna land scam.

This is the first of its kind where the Indian Military Secretary is facing court martial. The court martial process will continue for at least six months.

Lt Gen Prakash was removed from the post of Military Secretary, following the development, on January 27th.


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  • Naresh Kumar
    Jan 30, 2010 at 03:27:am

    Antony is doing what has not been done for decades. But should have.

    Corruption is not new to the Army. Previously,the reason corrupt officers like Lt.Gen SK Dahiya and Maj Gen. Swaroop – the two officers with the biggest corruption cases unearthed so far in the history of the Indian army – could even rise to the rank of general is because they always ‘bought’ their way through. Why was no action taken against them?

    It has to start somewhere. By supplying sub-standard food to the soldiers fighting the enemy and the bitter cold in the Himalayas, Lt. Gen Dahiya amassed tens of crores including houses and assets under the names of his children. What about the soldiers who died in the cold without proper food? Similarly by supplying sub-standard clothing and equipment, Gen. Swaroop was busy enriching himself. These officers are now enjoying their wealth in retirement – while so many widows are left to wail. More than 1500 soldiers have died in high altitude (previous 10 yrs) due to cold alone. Why then were these two officers not punished. Why did the govt not order a CBI inquiry when they bought homes abroad under the names of their children? While corruption elsewhere in the government is despicable too, in the Army it is of a different nature. In the cases of these two senior officers, so many lost their lives!

    Having served in Siachen in the past, I know how it affects the morale of soldiers deployed on the heights. Such officers should be punished even if their crimes were in the past – just like ex-IGP Rathore was.

    There have been numerous other cases where the Army has hushed up corruption. Gen. Kapoor was probably doing the same thing.

    Sometimes, it needs a civilian. Thank you Antony.

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