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Hyderabad Air Show 2010: Pilot dead after plane crashes


Today as people were excitedly waiting for Hyderabad Air Show 2010, a big accident happened. A trainer aircraft with the Indian Navy’s aerobatics team, Sagar Pawan, crashed into a two-storied building and two naval pilots, Maurya and his co-pilot Nair were killed.

The aircraft was an HJT-16 Kiran Mk2 by Hindustan Aeronautics and it crashed to a building in the Bowenpally locality near the old Begumpet Airport in the heart of the city. The area was a very busy one and police and fire brigade had to face lots of difficulty reaching there.

Four people in the building, a part of which was badly damaged, were injured, as the plane fell on the side of the complex. Two of the injured are believed to be in serious condition and have been shifted to hospital. The debris from the crash fell on a car, crushing it. The building has developed cracks and residents are being evacuated.

The planes were showing acrobatic manoeveures when the incident took place. One of the aircraft, part of the navy’s aerobatics team that uses four trainers, was unable to pull up from a dive and went into a spiral as the planes were breaking away from the formation and going in different directions. The acrobatics by the planes had begun even as Praful Patel, minister for civil aviation, was talking on the rostrum.


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