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Japan Tsunami Relief from India: AI carries 25 tones of of relief material


Air India carried nearly 25 tonnes of relief material to natural calamity struck Japan, which was devastated by 9 Richter scale earth quake followed by a giant Tsunami, including 20000 blankets as the temperature in the country has fallen to nearly freezing point.

Not only it carried help to Japan but also brought back home all the Indians struck in misery over there. As per report of the sources, nearly 337 people were brought back to India today by AI307 flight. Today’s count increased the total number of Indians rescued from Japan to 1600.

Earlier yesterday, nearly 385 passengers were carried home from Japan’s Narita’s airport. Air India has deployed a Boeing 747-400 Jumbo aircraft for daily operations to bring the Indians who want to come back till March 21 as the Boeing has more seats that 777-300 aircraft, which has been deployed.

Expressing concern over the leakage of radiations from Fukushima Nuclear plant, the Indian government on Thursday advised its nationals to avoid not so important travel to Japan and even those who were living in Tokyo to consider moving away.

To help the Indian nationals in Japan, Indian Embassy in Japan headed by Alok Prasad has set up a 24 hour hotline for the people. It is also in touch with the Indian people out there in Japan and advising them to take precautions.

Crisis in Japan has increased mainly due to its struggle to prevent the melt down at some of its nuclear installations.


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