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Neetu Chandra fumes after her panty less photos and videos reported around


Neetu Chandra and controversy goes hand in hand. This time, the sultry actress has been caught panty less. Photos and videos of the actress being panty less has surfaced on the internet and it has been making news on some popular news channels too. However the actress denies the panty less act firmly.

This is another panty less stint by bollywood actress after the recent Yana Gupta pantyless pictures made news. Yana Gupta, who was caught panty less on the camera, took the whole incident sportingly. She said that it was no publicity stunt and if it was for publicity , she would do it in style! Yana Gupta got much attention after the incident and she even got an offer to pose naked for a UK magazine.

This has made many people wonder if Neetu Chandra is also doing this for publicity stunt. The actress last created a stir when she posed for steamy picture with another female model. Neetu Chandra has been in the industry for quite sometime and have worked with many well known people like Akshay Kumar, Madhur Bhandarkar and Abhay Deol. However she has not been able create a niche in the industry.

However, Neetu Chandra firmly denies the allegations. She says she does not have to stoop to suc low level to grab attention and prove her mettle. “I’ve never come out panty less to get the attention. This is a cooked up story by some workless people,” Neetu said.


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  • jagan
    Jan 19, 2011 at 08:25:pm

    Neetu Chandra without panty??? she obviously wants to be famous like paris hilton!!!

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