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New iPhone app to detect skin cancer


In the dawn of development of mobile, the only purpose of the mobile was to connect people but now the mobile phone is no longer only for communication purpose but the advancement of science has made it too important for us to assume a single day without it. The new breakthrough of science will now allow us to use our iPhone as cancer detector device.

The remarkable discovery has been done by German scientists (German based firm FotoFinder). As per report of the source, the Handyscope is plugged into the Apple phone and converts into a dermatoscope (dermatoscope is used by doctors to detect skin cancer). The report further says that the device uses polarized light to detect whether or not mole is carcinoma and the image can even be posted off to a second opinion service where world- renowned specialist can analyse it.

Speaking to the media persons, Dr David Pye, a researcher based at Salford University, said that the newly invented kit was a powerful piece of kit which could have been very useful for the people in the profession accessing whether a mole was cancerous.

Valeska Heinrich, the Marketing Manager of FotoFinder, said in his statement that the device was equipped with latest communication technologies with a sophisticated tool for skin cancer screening. He further added that this discovery opened up an innovative era for cancer diagnosis.
Reportedly, the device is priced at 995 Pounds.


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