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NEWS: Osama Bin Laden dead, says Obama


In a recent development today on May 2, US President confirmed the news of death of Al- Qaida leader Osama Bin Laden on a televised address to the nation today. He called this as the most significant achievement of US to date.

As per report from Washington, a CIA led team hunted for Osama and killed him at a compound in Abbottabad; a city near to Pakistan’s capital Islamabad and recovered his body.

Both the US and Pakistani officials told media that four helicopters launched the attack in the Bilal area of Abbottabad after getting the news of Osama being hiding over there. In the attack one of the helicopters went down too and crashed. It was in fact hit by the attack launched from ground. However, no casualties have been confirmed till now.

The body recovered from the raid site confirmed that it was of Osama as the DNA test confirmed its identity.
Obama in his address to nation late night on Sunday told that Justice has been done and the mass murderer of innocent woman, children and men has been killed. He also asked the Muslims around the globe to support the U.S. action.

The major culprit of September 11 attack died just months before the tenth anniversary of the attack in which more than 3000 people were killed.

People in US after listening this news gathered around White House and hailed for USA and it’s President.


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