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Please nominate me for the Blog Awards


Well, this year 2009 has been a year with very few hits and blockbusters. But my favorite actor Christian Bale did not fail to deliver. Last year in 2008, he gave an amazing performance in The Dark Knight which has become the highest grossing movie of all time collecting more than a Billion dollars. Anyway, this time also he came in the movie ‘Terminator Salvation’ which was really good. So, if you are a fan of his, please nominate me in the Best of the Best awards.

And in the last couple of years, there are a few actors who have managed to give consistently blockbusters and come in good movies. Well, Christian Bale is one of them. I have watched his movies like ‘The Prestige’, ’3:10 to Yuma’,'American Psycho’, all the batman series and they are simply amazing. And that is the reason why I think he is a strong contenders of BoB awards. More than that, he is just simply a good looking hunk. He is married, has a kid, a devoted family man,a vegetarian and very private about his personal life. He is one of the stars who will never do publicity stunts to get attention and that is one reason why he is my all time favorite.
So, all movie buffs and fans who are voting for blog awards, please vote for this article and Please nominate me in the Best of the Best Awards! Thank you all guys.


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