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Rakhta Charitra 2 Review and Ratings


One of the most awaited movies of the year Rakhta Charitra 2, after the huge success of its part 1, hit the cinema screen countrywide today. The second part of the movie has released in Tamil, Telugu as well as Hindi. In nutshell, the movie is the other name of Brutality with lots of bloodsheds and man slaughter.

Ram Gopal Verma’s Rakhta Charitra 2 came just one and half month after the release of its part 1 in October which had created sensation and waves in terms of Verma brand. Well, Rakhta Charitra 2 is no less than RC-1 in any aspects.

The movie had allured attention of the viewers as it was surrounded by many controversies–protests-comments-compliments and many more.

Though Rakhta Charitra 1 depicted the rise of Pratap and how he became the messiah for the poor and exploited, the part 2 unfolds a new story which is of course linked with part 1. However, one thing can be taken for guarantee that this part has got more engrossing and gripping that Rakta Charitra 1.

Vivek Oberoi does complete justice to his character. But the focus is on South superstar Surya in Rakta Charitra 2 giving most aggressive and forceful performances that Hindi cinema has witnessed this year.

Ram Gopal Verma has succeeded once again in building up the curiosity about RC-2 by giving a visual treat to the audience who were starving for a class taking and the fresh subject, in the form of Rakta Charitra-1.

Well, the final verdict about the movie is that it’s all one man show i.e. Surya. If you are a hardcore fan of Surya then miss out this second part at your own risk.

Movie Rating: 3.5/5


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