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Sanjay Dutt's house to be sealed, says Bombay High Court


Sanjay Dutt got himself in trouble today as the Bombay High Court on Tuesday announced the attachment of his two properties after the producer Shakeel Noorani complaint against the actor for his non-cooperation while shooting the movie.

As per report of the sources, court ordered sealing of properties of Sanjay Dutt in the wake of arbitration award passed by the Indian Motion Pictures Producers’ Association in January this year.

Noorani’s lawyer Ashok Saraogi said his client had in 2002 paid Sanjay Dutt a signing amount of Rs.50 lakh for his film Jaan Ki Baazi. But Dutt failed to complete the shooting and did not give the dates for the shoot which led to the loss of Rs 1.53 crores which were spent on sets and other preparation.

Saraogi also told media that the arbitration award by IMPPA was sent to Dutt in January 2010 and he was given 90 days to respond. When the actor failed to, IMPPA applied for the execution of a decree in the high court.

After waiting for Dutt’s response to the IMPPA award, on October 8, 2010 Noorani moved the high court for its execution.

In reply to the decision of court, Dutt’s lawyer Sanjay Mannshinde said they will take appropriate action after the court vacation gets over Jan 3.
The properties mentioned in the execution order of the High Court are his residence in Imperial Heights building at Pali Hill, Nargis Dutt Road, Bandra and his office, Sanjay Dutt Productions, Mayfair Melody at Tagore Road in Santacruz.

As per Saraogi, the actor has 30 more days to comply with IMPPA and solve the matter by paying the arbitral amount to Noorani.


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