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The Time Travel Theory of Predestination movie


I just finished watching the Predestination movie for the third time and I must say… WOW! What a mind twisting movie! The time travel theory it dramatizes seem to be some kind of paradox that make you fall into a never ending loop. They call it the Predestination Paradox. You can read more about it on Wikipedia of course.

I really love how the movie is plotted through so many interesting and unexpected twists. Yes of course it is adapted from a short story (the person who wrote this short story wrote it in 1 day! Can you imagine that?) but then, it has been very well adapted and made into a movie. I have to appreciate the directors for that.

Now, I am not here to review the movie. I just want to let you know how amazed I am with all these time travel theories. Well, I have read a lot of books on time travel, including a few that you may not find in the stores. With all that I have read so far, it seems very unlikely that we can ever travel to our past. Future time travel (forward jump) seems a little doable if we ever reach the Einstein Speed but past is certainly not possible. That is what this Predestination movie tells us. Yes! If you go into your past and do something that involves yourself, you are caught into the loop. So, that’s very unlikely.

According to Hawkings, we may never be able to time travel in our past and the fact that there are no Time Traveler Tourists at present from our future shows that time travel to the past is not possible!

But yes, who am I to make a conclusion. When it comes to all these relativity theories, we never know what actually is going on, do we?


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  • Manish Kumar
    Dec 01, 2014 at 01:35:pm

    Well, if you have any comment on the time travel theories, even if the theory is not related to the movie, the Predestination, please feel free to post them there. I am very much delighted to jump onto a discusion!!

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