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Trinamool Congress Candidate List 2011 announced


After the seat sharing talk between Trinamool party and the congress, Trinamool on Friday announced a list of 228 candidates for the upcoming state assembly elections in West Bengal and left only 64 seats for the congress which has brought Congress in dilemma.

As per report of the sources, Chief of Trinamool Party and Railway Minister Mamata Bannerjee told reporters that she was declaring the list of 228 candidates of Trinamool congress and she could have also announced the remaining 64 seats allotted to the congress. However, due to alliance between congress and her party she restrained herself from doing so but would not think twice in announcing their list of candidates if congress did not agree.

In response to announcement made by the Trinamool party chief, the Congress on Friday told media that it will conduct meeting and decide that whether to contest in the elections in only 64 seats allotted to it by Trinamool or on all the 294 seats in the coming assembly elections of West Bengal.

Earlier on March 15, the talks between Union Finance Minister and Mamata Banerjee on the issue of sharing of seats could not reach an agreement.

While speaking to media, Banerjee also told that her party wanted alliance with congress and that is why they have left 64 seats for congress. She further told that she would be very happy congress leadership accepted their decision.

It looks tough for Congress to give a nod but let’s see whether there is any negotiation on the matter or not.


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