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UK to provide a huge aid of 280 million pounds


Recently, Mr Andrew Mitchell, the international development secretary, implicitly said that India was becoming too rich too be worthy of too much aid from Britain and he said that UK money should have been spent helping poorest people in the poorest countries.

As per report of the sources, Tory lawmakers have pointed out that Indian is an emerging economic power with an annual 8.5% GDP growth rate and apart from this India is a nuclear power state with an advanced space programme.

As per report of the sources, Mr Andrew has been persuaded that it would be a mistake to withdraw help from a country that has millions of the people living in poverty and if help withdrawn India would have no chance of meeting its millennium development goal.

However, it is being expected that Mr Andrew would make his statement on contrary to the last statement. As per report of the sources, Mr Andrew will expectantly say that withdrawal of Indian aid could derail the global effort to eliminate poverty as India still have more poor people living in extreme poverty than anywhere else on the planet.

Reportedly, Mr Andrew will confirm the aid on Tuesday and with his confirmation India will be UK’s biggest recipient of overseas aid- 280 million pounds per annum or about one billion pound in next four years. India is supposed to get the aid to 2015.


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