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WWE Wrestle Mania 27 results


The 27th edition of Wrestle Mania on April 3rd saw a large attendance which was recorded to be 71,617 and thus setting a Georgia Dome record for an entertainment event as per WWE record books. This Wrestle Mania saw the return of The Rock, Stone Cold, The Undertaker and Triple H return back in WWE.

WWE Wrestle Mania 27 kicked off with a “dark match’ which means that it won’t be aired live on pay per view. The match featured a number of fighters like The Great Kali, Mark Henry, Chris Masters, Ted DiBiase Jr., William Regal, and a bunch of other wrestlers.

An opening video introduces the most electrifying man in showbiz today as the Guest Host of WWE Wrestle Mania 27, he is The Rock.

The biggest match of the day for World Heavyweight Championship was fought between Edge and Albert Del-Rio. Edge manages to continue to be the winner and World Heavyweight champion.

In another match between Rey Mysterio and Cozy Rhodes, Rey Mysterio could not give a tough fight and eventually lost to Rhodes.

In the eight man tag match, Big Show, Kane, Santino & Kofi Kingston came up as winner. Randy Orton thrashed CM Punk in another match of the evening.

The most anticipated match of Wrestle Mania 27 was between Undertaker who put his undefeated Wrestle Mania streak on the line against Triple H. 19-0 or 18-1? This turned out be 19-0 once again and dead man walked away with the title.

Snooki, Trish Stratus and John Morriso claimed the six person mixed tag. The match between Cena and Miz went draw thus making Miz still the WWE champion.


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